Over the years, the group and its members have produced a number of publications.



Brian Fearon A story of love, loss and striving for redemption. Joe, awkward and indecisive, is reared in the heart of West Belfast, roaming the streets with his wee pal Ramie. All around the city was smouldering ready to break into a conflagration. As teenagers playing football, pursuing girls but looming closer was the shadow of Northern Ireland’s “Troubles.”
Brian Fearon It all started in Shaftsbury Square, Belfast and that is where it should have ended.
Life changes in an instant. One little decision, to have a drink when you are driving, failing to check something that should have been checked, one little omission or thoughtless commission can start a chain reaction.
Yet for George McNeill 39, divorced, living alone in Belfast such an experience was unlikely. As the classic safe pair of hands, a person of fixed habits to the point of obsessiveness, boring but reliable, he flew under the radar. Contented, George was a man who avoided confrontations, risks, responsibilities, even relationships. True he had dreams of accomplishing great deeds and gaining rewards although he thought of these as harmless fantasies.
His entire existence was turned upside down in a matter of minutes when he came upon a grizzly execution from a drug deal that has gone wrong. In a daze and as if by reflex he removed the cash proceeds. At first, George remained unaware of more sinister elements who kept him under surveillance with their ultimate intention to bring him to account for his one brief but significant error of judgement. He was blind to the many coincidences which added to the complexity as two police forces and a European drug cartel closed in.
Relying on Martin the gardener with the back story, and the cold, calculating, perpetually angry Paddy he tried to protect those closest to him,

A final conclave where many of them were in the same place at the same time would be too awful to contemplate.
Alistair Shand Between the Tides: and Other Tales This collection consists of a number of stories set in Scotland, from Bute across the Central Belt. The tales vary in mood from crime to romance but all intended to amuse.
Alloa Writers From the Station: an Anthology An anthology produced by Alloa Writers



After a very successful career in writing and publishing her children’s story books. It’s only now after so many years she is finally willing to confront her past ready to come to term with it. A past that has haunted her for most of her life. A past she has tried to hide. A past she has tried to run away from. It’s only now she is coming to the realization if it weren’t for what she had endured over the years of her very young life she wouldn’t have taken this pathway life has led her down. She strongly feels now is right time to revisit her past no matter how difficult it may be. This has to be the time for her to lay her demons to rest. Once and for all. Time to put her experience down in writing write her very own life story. Only this one is not a fairy tale
Anna Aitken *Shirley Valentine meets Emmanuelle* Rachel gets divorced after a thirty-year marriage. Follow her story in finding independence and her new leash of life. Her newly woken awareness of her sexual fantasies she didn't even know she was capable of having. An everyday woman finding fantasies in everyday life. Maybe Rachel can help you find your hidden woman.



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