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No Workshops booked...BUT
Any writers/ tutors interested in running a workshop for Alloa Writers are invited to email the group. Please provide your name and full contact details, and proposal (without obligation) and send to:

Alloa Writers with publications in 2018:
Anna Aitken  The Innocent Poet  published 2018 ISBN: 978-152179842
Audrey Biscotti Thread published 2018 ISBN:978-19911596608
Helen Nicol Heavenly Message: My Journey to Natalie's Song published 2018 ASIN:B07H2NF4PR
Alistair Shand Another Batch published 2018 ISBN:978-1976914096
Gavin Broom The Scottish Book of the Dead ISBN: 1-946890-08-1 Island City Publishing USA (Gavin was a member of Alloa Writers when this book was in its early drafts, he now lives in the USA )

[ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number; ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number; so type these into a search engine and they will bring up where the book is available]

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